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Card game | 2016

In the summer of 2016, the Association of S. Brzozowski came up with a proposal to create a card game accompanying the celebration of the anniversary of the outbreak of the so-called 1905 Revolution in Polish territories. This event is close to the hearts of all Łódź residents, so without any hesitation we decided to get involved in its celebration.

The games we created focused primarily on strikes and demonstrations taking place in the first year of the Revolution. It was important to us not to focus only on the armed struggle, but on a wide spectrum of socio-political activities undertaken during the uprising.

The 1905 revolution is a fast (about 20 min) card and dice game for 2-4 people. Although the game is competitive between some players, cooperation may occur as well. The player assumes the role of a representative of one of six factions: Bund, Polish Socialist Party, Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania, National Democracy / NZR, a group of factory owners and tsarist authorities. Each faction strives to achieve its goals, although some goals may coincide for some parties. Although the random factor plays a big role in the game, the right strategy is also important. The faction that is be closest to achieving its goals at the end of the game will win. To reflect the atmosphere of the era even more, the graphic design refers to the aesthetics of this period, and most of the graphics are based on original drawings from, among others, Russian satirical magazines and Illustrated News.

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Krytyka Polityczna, 

Coordinator: Wiktoria Witek,

Game designer: Vojislav Radojičić, Piotr Lipski,

Substantive and historical consultation: Michał Gauza, Wiktor Marzec, Kamil Piskała

Graphic design: Dominik Koślin

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