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Urban Game | Łódź, Różanystok, Poznań, Cieszyn, Kraków, Vienna, Milan, Matera, Berlin

This is the most maintenance-free formula we use, theoretically possible to use in any area! Although, admittedly, urban space is best suited for this game. To play MINO, a player needs a game card, pencil and a trained eye. On the card she or he will find a map with marked directions and now it depends on her or his brains and perception how quickly she or he will finish the game. Moving between points, she or he must find them as many as possible, and the task completed is confirmed by marking all the details on the confirmation form.

We played MINO not only in Łódź, although there was the most of it here – probably a dozen of games, not to mention the “MINO Portfolio” prepared for the City of Łódź Office. There was also Różanystok, Poznań, Cieszyn, Kraków … but also other places! Vienna, Milan, Matera, Berlin. MINO’s international career is mainly spread during festivals and courses in which we participate.

Game designers: Maria Czaińska, Piotr Czaiński

MINO – download

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