We are the Department of Games, and we are professionally engaged in our business – we create games. For thirteen years we have conducted more than one hundred city, field, integration and educational games. We have developed and released several board and card games, too. In our work, we focus on entertainment – primarily for the players, but also for ourselves, because this is the best indicator of any successful game!


This cannot be precisely defined. You have to experience the game, you have to feel it. The game gives real emotions, increases dedication and healthy competition. That means also leaving your comfort zone. To do this, we create alternative realities, move to another dimension, travel in time. We are best at turning a closed factory into a post-apocalyptic mental hospital, a little-known hotel into a crime scene, or city streets into a stage for the Light Hunters. The theory is that city games are a combination of happenings, theatrical performance, scouts’ actions, and role-playing, in which the space and potential of the city are used as a playing field or board. But this is just our interpretation.


We always “adapt” the game by writing its plot, developing the mechanics, recording a radio show or composing a background music. Each game is tailored to a specific location, participants, theme and purpose of the game. Our work mainly consists of drawing, planning, designing, inspection of each venue. All that with the aim of ensuring the excellent quality.


First of all, we are a team that has been working together for many years. We have different education, skills and working methods. We are very different, but always purposeful and creative. And most importantly, we really like it.

We used to say that we are a group of young people. But now we have experience.


Since 2007 we have made and played about 150 games.

We have worked with municipalities and institutions, schools, companies and organizations. Our target audience are players of all ages. We mainly work in Lodz, but we also have projects far from our city, as well as abroad [see where else!]. From small games in the courtyard during the “Urban Ecology” program of the Art Museum in Lodz to the extensive ten-day series Game in Sosnowiec for the municipal government in Sosnowiec. We have also prepared GAME FESTIVALS. We mainly organized traditional events taking place in urban space, as well as plays in theaters (at the Jaracz Theatre and at the Grand Theatre in Lodz), at the Grand Hotel, in the production halls of manufactories and in parks. Cycling games, car games for motorcyclists organized at weekends, during the day, and late at night. Games using traditional cards, mobile applications, sounds – during which the player, wearing headphones, moves to another world or turns on the radio, listening to a recorded story prepared especially for the participant. A wide range of events – from historical games to educational, entertaining and integration ones.

Our biggest game was attended by as many as 200 people at a time, in the smallest game – one person took part. Each form of play gives the participants a different emotional charge, a different experience, and requires various degrees of involvement and activity.


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