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Raban Festival

First Urban Games Festival in Lodz, Poland | 29-30.06.2019

The organization of the first City Games Festival in Łódź has been a dream of the Department of games since our first festival – You Are Go in Berlin in 2011. It is true that due to the lack of external financing, we were not able to organize an international event, but holding it at the local level was a real test for us, it gave us incredible satisfaction and showed how important the city games are in the cultural calendar of the city.

CITY ESSENCE is an addictive game for tracking details in an urban space. The most important factors were the speed, attention and promptness of reaction!

VAMPIRE CAROUSEL // ENCOUNTER – a city night game in which players move by car, exploring hard-to-reach, often abandoned places. This time, the story of the game was based on the story of a crazy clown who was about to kidnap a teenager

TRY TAKING A PICTURE OF ME // PAPARAZZI – the formula of the game is based on playing the role of players as of photojournalists trying to “take a picture” of elusive stars by committing minor misconducts.

EVERYTHING YOU’LL SAY NOW – a criminal role-playing city game in Bałuty and the Old Town. The task of the players was to solve the murder committed in one of the apartments on the Old Market Square.

DEVIL’S IN DETAILS – a game for lovers of architectural details, using the beauty of the Łódź apartment buildings, which is played on the axis of Petrkovska street.

LAST BEAM OF HOPE is a game based on the artificial intelligence system, which is played mainly in cyberspace.

WHAT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IN THE DARKNESS – a game built in the universe of Light Hunters, in a world in which Darkness began to absorb the pace, and the light itself became a currency. We played it after dark in the Old City Park.

CYCLOZONE – players riding bicycles set themselves the goal of removing the protection from the pollution activators. There was little time, and the territory was huge. The game was integrative, where everyone played for the benefit of the whole group!

BOOM TSYK TSYK – for the smallest players waiting for cool, active tasks and puzzles, skills game in the park – all this is prepared for the smallest participants. Each child also received his Raban, the soft toy fluffy monkey, with whom they moved around the playing field.

GO AROUND THE DISTRICT – an economic city game that combines elements of a stable game process during construction and planning, an active competition to raise funds and cooperation to combine both of these elements.


  • Common play area – meeting and board games;
  • A movie-player in Łódź – a movie game;
  • The history of Łódź in old photographs – creating your own route for walking and discovery;
  • Dead end – a “self-regulating” city game, during which players played in a picturesque local Park;

As well as:

  • Workshop on creating games for smartphones with Adam Leshchinsky – creator of the Tropiciel site – the Pathfinder;
  • Musical event – ” Monkey woods in the sky” music band;
  • Video games and commercials – screening at the Bodo Cinema;
  • Webinar with Michal Grelevsky “How not to make city games”;
  • “Sunny Autumn” podcasts on the student radio channel.

We prepared and held 10 city games played according to the formula of a one-day event, 5 games working during the festival, and 5 related actual events pertaining to the games. The festival program was organized so that the games did not overlap and that it was possible to participate in most events. All game scenarios were prepared specifically for the needs of Raban.

Financing: Łódzkie Centrum Wydarzeń UMŁ

Sponsors: Poldem sp. z o.o. 

Coordination: Joanna Ufnalska

Game designers: Joanna Ufnalska, Piotr Lipski, Vojislav Radojićić, Sebastian Stefaniak, Izabela Walczak, Dariusz Lisowski

Animators: Vojislav Radojićić, Sebastian Stefaniak, Izabela Walczak, Dariusz Lisowski, Zofia Lach, Basia Lach, Natalia Żurowska, Agata Zysiak, Anna Jurek, Wiktoria Rybka

Graphics: Zuzanna Szor

Movie: HaWa

Photos: Agnieszka Cytacka

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