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12 Factories

Corporate urban game | 16.04.2011

12 Factories is the name of a terrorist organization that kidnapped the head of the company. Now the whole group has to look for clues in the factory city to find the boss and save the city.

We organized the start of the game at the Grand Hotel (the most respected in Łódź), other locations – at the Art Book Museum, Art Museum, Scheibler Lofts, the Music Academy, in Dętka – the channel under Plac Wolności, at the Factory Museum in Manufaktura. The finals of the game – in the ballroom at the Poznan Palace. It is difficult to find more prestigious locations. And as the locations were distant from each other and we only had the limited time we had to take good care of logistics. We launched our transportation company – we had two buses, which were equipped with a precise timetable and during the whole game we transported groups to more distant points. A supervisor was assigned to each group – our animator, who cared about the efficiency of movement. Of course – these were only technical issues, a lot was happening according to the plot and tasks – there was a thorough search in an apartment, there were songs at the Academy of Music, disarming a bomb at Plac Wolności and much more.

Do you know what it’s like to work for an event agency? Stressful. But sometimes it’s worth it – this game was one of the most polished and rewarding in our history.

Client: Continental

Agency: Good Fellows

Game designers: Vojislav Radojicić, Przemysław Bogusławski, Michał Grelewski

Animators: Michał Stasiak, Wojciech Blim, Justyna Bogucka, Piotr Czaiński, Piotr Lipski, Przemysław Górski, Maciej Zasadziński, Bartosz Czapnik, Łukasz Lechowski, Mateusz Pokora

Photos, logo: Kamil Rusiecki

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