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The Great Fire in Cotton City

Urban game | Łódź, Poland, 23.10.2015

Can you make a game about the safe use of natural gas? We asked ourselves this question in the spring of 2015, when we started working on the game called “The Great Fire in Cotton City “. It was then that we received information that PGNiG decided to transfer funds for activities to promote safe and prudent use of the world around us. We decided to harness our skills in making city games and using the principle of “teaching by means of entertaining , entertaining as part of teaching” to make a typical entertainment event during which participants will participate in activities in the field of fire safety.

We came up with a fairly traditional and simple story in which a coal mining tycoon decides to go back in time to destroy the gas network so that coal was the only fuel used by the inhabitants of Łódź. As a result of his actions, some buildings burn in the past and disappear in our time. The players’ task was to save the disappearing buildings and stop the tycoon from making changes in the city’s history.

As a medium, we decided to use the AppToYou application that we had already tested and make it a contact interface with the player. Thanks to a well-conducted promotional campaign, we were able to gather a large crowd of players at the start of the game. They had to find the right places indicated in the game, and then take on the challenges of mastering smoke and fire, firefighting equipment to finally stop the mean character from implementing his evil plan.

After about 3 hours, the “fire” was extinguished, awards were given to the winners, and as a souvenir, we have a nice movie from the game. And the banner of “Safety Here and There” campaign.

Partners: Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo, AppToYou

Project coordination: Sebastian Stefaniak

Game designers: Joanna Ufnalska, Vojislav Radojicic, Piotr Lipski, Sebastian Stefaniak

Graphic design: Piotr Lipski

Video: Adam Musiałowicz BIG STORY SHORT

Animators: ?

IT support: Michał Grelewski

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