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Night urban game on Fusion festival | Plovdiv, 8.11.2019

Outer space is filled to the brim with stardust from the decay of celestial bodies. One of the dying stars in the constellation of the Fishes (G29-39) evolved from a red giant into a white dwarf, probably consuming several comets orbiting nearby, tearing them to shreds. Thanks to this phenomenon, star dust was created, which, by reflecting the sun’s rays, creates zodiac light. This beautiful phenomenon illuminating the cosmos disappears, however, if the stardust is absorbed by black holes. The only way to stop the extinction of the zodiac light is to join the team of Light Hunters and manage the remnants and pieces of comets in the constellation of the Fishes.

A night game set in the world of the Light Hunters, carried out during the FUSION Game Festival in Plovdiv, in the historic old town. In the maze of streets pierced with yellow light, escaping from vampires, heralding dark music, the Players had to reach the light tunnels. Each of them had to be closed with a crumb of stardust. All this to prevent the black holes from absorbing  the light. The vampires circling the game board could, however, pick up the dust particles and thereby thwart and obstruct the mission of the Light Hunters.

Game design: Joanna Ufnalska

Animators: Darek Lisowski, Iza Walczak, Zosia Lach, Michał Grelewski

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