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Sound urban miejska | Łódź, Poland, 28.05 – 8.06.2014

Role-playing sound game is the next step on the way to our game quest. This time, the players were invited to a 12-day game, the centre of which was a steampunk-style radio show about what did not happen in Łódź, but what could have happened. What did the creators of Łódź culture, politicians and activists hide? Could Vladislav Strzeminski act under the code name of “Gray-haired” and be the creator of “transparent” invisible costumes? What were the circumstances of the death of President Marian Tsynarsky? Did Yadviga Andzheevska carry out espionage under the guise and pretext of her playing in the theatre? The story in the form of a radio show was broadcast daily on Radio Żak . It was not only the background of the story – it also contained multiple elements of the entertainment.

The players were divided into two teams: supporters of the Sentinels (the guards, main characters) and the followers of Robert Krantz (antagonists). They carried out independent missions in the city and participated in two city competitions: the opening game on Piotrkovska Street and the final game – in the premises of an abandoned factory (Manufaktura Widzewska).

Daily city assignments were a kind of mission published over 10 days on the project’s website. Players had from 24 to 48 hours to complete them. Each mission was covered in the radio shows. The end of the story depended on the outcome of the final game at the factory. Two teams of players played against each other. The result was the best for the Sentinels (although this was not obvious, the difference in points was minimal!) And such a finale of the story was broadcast live in the evening on the student radio.

Sponsors: Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, Wydział Kultury Urzędu Miasta Łodzi

Project coordination: Joanna Ufnalska

Game designers: Joanna Ufnalska, Piotr Lipski, Vojislav Radojićić

Animators: Piotr Lipski, Vojislav Radojićić, Mateusz Idzikowski, Sebastian Gago, Marta Kryś, Dominika Malik, Mariusz Wójcik, Elżbieta Maruszczak, Beata Bednarska, Joanna Klimek, Agnieszka Babilon, Paulina Milewska

Graphic design: Jakub Dygas

Video: Efekt Imago

Photo: Widzisz to?

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