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Welcome to the new Tartu!

You are invited to build this place with us. We already have streets, and we’re starting to build houses, factories and other buildings here. The future is bright!


  1. First of all your goal is not only tu build a city but also – what is even more important – happy city! Total happiness of Your part of the city is calculated like this: number of citizens x happiness index. Happiness cannot fall under the level of 1.
  2. We play in teams. Team can have 2-4 people.
  3. To build a city you need resources. You can collect resources by looking for ancient treasures that are hidden in the area. You will get tips for searching for treasures. You can transfer treasures directly to your headquarters – by sending code you found.
  4. You don’t have to find all the treasures to finish the game.
  5. City is build in the center of the game – this is the place where you can sell your treasures, buy land and buildings. And ofcourse – build a city.
  6. We recommend leaving at least 1 person in the Centre of the game. Others from your team can search for treasures. As it is dangerous, the searching crew cannot split into smaller groups. So Your team can be split into two parts – one at Game Centre and one searching in the field.
  7. Make your decisions wisely – different factors affect possibilities of building houses and happiness of citizens – You can read about some of them on the board, and some would be announced.
  8. During the game there will be several events that affect Your city. Some of them are unpredictable. Don’t worry if something bad happen to your districts – life goes on! We will always announce events.
  9. Please don’t step onto game board by yourself – our city is still too sensitive. Our staff will help You to build wherever You want to.
  10. Have fun!


Small house
Price: 2 resources
20 people live here
Tenement house
Price: 5 resources
40 people live here
Price: 4 resources
Gives 2 resources each 10 minutes. Takes -1 happines from nearest buildings.
University building
Price: 6 resources
Each building can explode with knowledge giving +2 happiness to affected buildings.
Price: 3 resources
Gives +1 happiness to nearest buildings.