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Street Games Festival

Street Games Festival strikes back! This time we will run, jump, hide, seek and explore in the beautiful city of Tartu – European Capital of Culture 2024. 

Phenomenon of street games (urban games, pervasive games) became interesting for many players across the globe in the last 20 years. Yet, it is still fresh and inspiring to play games in public spaces. 

Playing is the first activity that humans experience. In adult life we become focused on “serious things” and tend to forget how to play. However – playing brings benefits that are hard to achieve in other way – connection with other people and generations, spirit of adventure, pleasure of exploring new places and joy of winning. Street games are focused on playing in the public spaces as well using its elements in the games’ stories and mechanics. 

We invite you to join our celebration of play – Street Games Festival in September 2024 in Tartu. Experience a really unique urban adventure with us!


Interesting things often happen in between – between people, cultures, different spaces. In this festival we would like to explore these areas of meeting and blending. 

In the Interspaces Festival we focus on several aspects:

  • interpersonal

Games that are simply connecting people. After the pandemic, during the war in Ukraine our communities (especially in eastern Europe) need connection with others. No matter how many tools for remote work and digital connections we have, we still have needs to meet people face to face, to look into each other’s eyes, to maintain physical contact. 

  • intergenerational

Connection between generations is something difficult to achieve and valuable at the same time. It is not always easy to find a common language for communication between generations. We believe (and we know it from our experience) that games are a great way to connect different people – from different cultures, backgrounds, also at different ages. 

  • interdisciplinary

Another magical feature of street games is that they can mix and blend various activities, diverse cultural and art practices. We’ve seen musical games, we’ve played games using elements of the theatre, some of them are using approaches known from sports or traditional folklore. We are inviting games that can surprise us with an unexpected blend of ingredients.

  • interplaces

Last but not least – urban space is what interests us most. We’re looking for games that will show hidden, new, unexpected places – or places well known, but now used in a new, unique way, with fresh glance – a new meaning. 



Exact hours of the games and additional events will be announced later. 


Main festival venue will be created in the city centre of Tartu. Most of the games will start there, however we will also explore other districts of the city. 

What games?

In the beginning of 2024 we will announce an open call and invite game designers from Estonia as well as from the rest of Europe. We will carefully select games and work with designers to adapt them to Tartu conditions. 

Full programme of the festival will be announced in the summer 2024. 

Who can come?

We don’t know yet what exact games we will choose for the festival, however we will try to select varied and diverse games that might interest people of various age, interests, views. 

Usually our games are played by adults, but kids (sometimes together with their parents) are also welcome for most of them. We would love to see senior citizens playing our games as well!

After choosing the games we will also give our recommendations concerning participation of people with special needs. 

About us

Departament Gier is a port of Topografie Association based in Lodz, Poland. We’ve been creating street games since 2008. We’ve also participated, co-organized, curated and organised several Street Games Festivals including PlayPublik Festival in Krakow (organisational help), Fusion Festival in Matera and Plovdiv (curators), Raban Street Games Festival in Lodz (curators, organisers). 


Project Street Games Festival is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.